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Simple Crossbow

For reseach I'm doing for a book, I was looking for a crossbow that can be made without modern tools and materials.

After an exhaustive search I came across an image that I thought fit the bill perfectly.

I drew up some basic plans based on the image.

I haven't built it yet, but I plan to soon. So the dimensions might be slightly off.

Let me know what you guys think. Might be a nice little project.

Years ago, in the 1967 area I drew drawings of a crossbow for Special Sevices when I worked for an engineering company in Alexandria, Va,

There were no metal parts. The stock was maple, the bow was fiberglass, the strings were dacron and the bolt was 12 in. long with helix fletching. The bow was locked in place with a couple wood pieces in the stock. The bow was 30 in long and was rated at 70 lbs pull. If I remember right, the thickness was about 3/8 to 1/2 inch an tapered to the ends with a nock at each end for the string. I can't remember the trigger design to release the drawn string. To bend the bow to hook up the string, you would use the limb part of a tree to help bend the bow.The force was great. I shot a bolt into a 1/4 inch thick armour plate and the field point showed an 1/8 inch on the other side.I didn't keep drawings and i often wished I did. I also had to do packaging for the parts and write a specification.