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Some types of cocking devices, such as wippes push the bowstring downwards, towards the stock. This means wood is needed on both sides of the nut: bare metal lock plates would cut the bowstring during cocking. However, if thick (5mm) horn or bone lockplates are used instead, there's probably no need for these wooden socket sidepieces. Also, if you don't want the sidepieces to project above the rest of the stock as below, make the stock wider and sink the sidepieces.

Process step by step[]

First cut the sidepieces to appropriate form and glue them to the stock:

Socket sidepieces - 01

Next make a series of saw cuts towards the bottom of the stock:

Socket sidepieces - 02

Socket sidepieces - 03

Then chisel away as much of the extra wood as possible:

Socket sidepieces - 04

Smoothen all corners with a combination of rasps, files and sandpaper.

Samuli.seppanen 10:53, June 19, 2011 (UTC)