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This article describes an easy way to make a bolt holder from metal - in this case brass. If you want want your bolt holder to have smooth curves instead of tight bends, you can use a ball-peen or cross-peen hammer to forge it into shape. This has the added benefit of work hardening the metal, making it somewhat springier.

Process step by step[]

First cut a strip of metal from sheet and bore two holes near one end:

Making bolt holders-1024x768-01.JPG

Next attach the metal strip to a vise so that the holes are clearly below the jaws:

Making bolt holders-1024x768-02.JPG

Bent the strip to ~60 degree angle:

Making bolt holders-1024x768-03.JPG

Make another bend a little farther to the opposite direction:

Making bolt holders-1024x768-04.JPG

Making bolt holders-1024x768-05.JPG

Next make two additional bends - first downwards, second upwards:

Making bolt holders-1024x768-06.JPG

Making bolt holders-1024x768-07.JPG

Making bolt holders-1024x768-08.JPG

Now you can attach the bolt holder to the stock behind the nut with screws:

Making bolt holders-1024x768-10.JPG

Making bolt holders-1024x768-11.JPG

If necessary, adjust the bends angles as required.