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Basics of crossbow triggersBibliographyBlunt boltheads from steel pipe
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Crossbow Building WikiDesigning medieval nut and trigger crossbow locksDesigning simple lever and pin crossbow locks
Designing simple thumb lever and string-catch crossbow locksDrilling the nut socketForging boltheads, method 1
Forging boltheads, method 2Forging boltheads, method 3Glassfiber as bow material
Heat treating steelHempInternetResources
Leather loop protectionLinenMakingMetalNockReinforcement
Making a medieval-style nutMaking a medieval European -style crossbow stockMaking a serving tool
Making a simple catch lockMaking a steel prod from a leaf springMaking a steel socket for the nut
Making a wippeMaking bolt holdersMaking boltheads
Making bow ironsMaking bowstringsMaking brass bolt holders for crossbows with nut and trigger locks
Making fake nocks for use with fletching jigsMaking reinforced endless loop stringsMaking simple bastard string fasteners
Making simple endless loop stringsMaking steel bolt holders for pin-trigger crossbowsMaking the guards, method 2
Making the guards and wedgesMaking the sideplates, method 1Making the sideplates, method 2
Making the stirrupMaking wooden socket sidepiecesMeasuring bow stretch and compression
Metal VanesMetal fletching (method 1)Metal fletching (method 2)
Nut with quick-locker pinPlan for a simple leaf-spring prodPlaning bolt shafts
Reinforced nut socketReinforcing trigger contact surface with high-carbon steelSimple (no metal parts) crossbow design
Steel as bow materialStiffening the middle of a leaf-spring bowTHE CHINESE REPEATING CROSSBOW
Test pageTraditional Finnish crossbow with steel bowWood as bow material
Wooden fletching (method 1)
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