I think this page is unfinished. I will add what I can as a bowyer of wood and fiberglass.

Fiberglass is considered by many to be the ultimate bow material. It is tough, light, extremely flexible, and does not degrade over time. However, it is quite difficult to work with compared to wood- while having many of the same disadvantages- as it requires abrasive tooling or extremely specialized(hence expensive) forming equipment.

Its disadvantages are:

expensive compared to wood

nasty to work with- glass fibres cause infected splinters and also cause really nasty lung diseases.

fiberous- it can split fairly easily

Its advantages are:

it holds a LOT of energy

it is incredibly strong

it is light

it requires less skill than wood.

Modern fiberglass laminates are justifiably popular- they are made from glass fibre backing and belly over a tapered wood core. This allows the bows to be fairly consistant in width, making tillering easier.

however, with crossbow prods, which are sharply tapered compared to fiberglass, the fiberglass can split if not worked correctly.