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Medieval nut and trigger locks had a socket in which nut rotated. The simplest way to make such as socket is to drill it, as described here. If you want to reinforce the socket with metal plating, the socket obviously needs to be wider than the nut.

Process step by step[]

Begin by marking the place for the nut and by drilling a hole through the stock to guide the cutting blades:

Drilling the nut socket - 01

Next start drilling the socket from one side with a special hole-cutting drill:

Drilling the nut socket - 02

Drilling the nut socket - 03

Cut only small amount, about 5mm (1/5") to avoid the blades getting stuck. Then chisel away the wood from the middle:

Drilling the nut socket - 04

Drilling the nut socket - 05

After this repeat the process from the other side of the stock. The stock should look like this now:

Drilling the nut socket - 06

Repeat the process as many times as necessary to drill through the entire stock:

Drilling the nut socket - 07

Finally use a round file to remove any rough spots and humps. If you're not reinforcing the socket with metal plating, you can use the nut to help determine when socket is loose enough:

Drilling the nut socket - 08

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