Crossbow Building Wiki


Here's a non-exhaustive list of places where one can buy (or otherwise obtain) the various materials used for crossbow making.

Internet shops[]

Talas Online (United States)

  • Good quality Irish linen thread

VBS Archery (Netherlands)

  • Generic archery supplies

Flybow (Ireland)

  • Traditional archery supplies (incl. sinew)

Richard Head Longbows (Britain)

  • Traditional archery supplies (incl. sinew)

Local stores[]

Vallilan Takomo Oy (Helsinki, Finland)

  • High-quality flat, rectangular spring steel in both hardened and non-hardened form. 5mm thickness and above.

Erikois-Jousi Veljekset Sundberg (Helsinki, Finland)

  • High-quality round (~1mm - 12mm) and flat (<= 4mm) spring steels.

DLH Finland (Turku, Finland)

  • Exotic timber at relatively cheap price

Shandong Power Metal Products Co. Ltd (Linyi city, Shandong, China)

  • Low and high carbon steel pipe.